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Giant Heart and Novibet celebrate 2 year of contributions

It has been two years since Novibet’s Giant Heart program was launched. These two years have been dedicated to giving back to our society by supporting local communities and organizations through acknowledged philanthropic work. Additionally, the program has provided immediate assistance during times of emergency.

Returning value to society is a strategic priority for Novibet. In line with this objective, the company introduced the Giant Heart initiative in 2021. This initiative encompasses an integrated program of corporate social contributions aimed at substantially supporting individuals in need.

The Giant Heart program, represented by top-tier ambassadors such as athletes Giannis Antetokounmpo and Kostas Tsimikas, has implemented a series of targeted actions based on the
values of giving back, hope, and second chances. The aim is to significantly improve the lives of our fellow citizens over the past two years.

Renovation of sports facilities

Motivated by the promotion of sports values, particularly among younger generations, the Giant Heart initiative has carried out an extensive program focused on renovating sports facilities in neighborhoods and local communities throughout Greece over the past two years. Since 2021, Giant Heart has enhanced the functionality and aesthetics of 10 sports facilities, with 3 more facilities set to follow soon. This initiative makes it easier for more citizens to access high-quality sports facilities.

Supporting organizations with a vision

By prioritizing support for vulnerable social groups, with a particular emphasis on children, the Giant Heart program has provided significant assistance to organizations and institutions that have implemented notable social work. These include the “ELPIDA-Association of Friends of Children with Cancer,” the “UniquAll” initiative that focuses on developing social skills for children on the autism spectrum through sports, the “KALLISTOS” Sports Club, and the Make-A-Wish Greece organization, dedicated to fulfilling life-changing wishes for children battling critical illnesses.

Providing emergency assistance

With a sense of responsibility and urgency, the Giant Heart program promptly responded during the multi-day wildfires that struck Attica and Evia in the summer of 2021. As a minimal sign of solidarity for those affected, the program ensured temporary housing for families in need of emergency accommodation while the fires were still ongoing.

Alliance for a Good Cause with Novibet

During the two years of operation of the Giant Heart program, Novibet has collaborated with influential athletes who act conscientiously and share the common goal of making a positive
contribution to society. Giant Heart Ambassadors Giannis Antetokounmpo and Kostas Tsimikas exemplify values such as humanity, social sensitivity, and responsibility towards fellow human beings and the environment. However, apart from the program’s ambassadors and Novibet’s employees, the public is and will always be a part of every initiative implemented throughout the Giant Heart program’s journey. By visiting the microsite, anyone interested can submit their proposals for the next social contribution that the Giant Heart program will undertake.


Two years of giving back… and we’re still going!

On the occasion of Giant Heart’s two-year anniversary, Christoforos Bozatzidis, Chief Marketing Officer of Novibet, stated: “We are very proud of what we have accomplished in the past two years through Novibet’s Giant Heart corporate social contribution program. The implemented initiatives have made a substantial difference in the lives of many fellow citizens, which is evident through the positive reception of the improved sports facilities we offer and the countless smiles on the faces of the children benefiting from the organizations we support. Novibet’s family is committed to continuing to give back to people in need with undiminished passion, through an impactful alliance with the Ambassadors of the Giant Heart program and the public.”


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