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Μάιος 2024 | «Μία Μπάλα Για Κάθε Παιδί» από το Giant Heart και τον Κώστα Τσιμίκα

Even the smallest act of love can make a big difference for our fellow citizens

Even the smallest act of kindness toward our fellow human beings can have a profound impact, providing them with the encouragement they need to pursue their dreams. This is the essence of “A Ball For Every Kid,” a new initiative launched through Novibet’s Giant Heart CSR program, in collaboration with our Ambassador, Kostas Tsimikas.

Through the “A Ball for Every Kild” initiative, Giant Heart and Kostas Tsimikas will donate collectible, signed football balls from Tsimikas’s “KT21” brand to football academies and organizations supporting families and children across Greece.

With this symbolic gesture of kindness, Giant Heart and Kostas Tsimikas aim to provide many children with their first professional soccer ball. This not only fosters a love for soccer and teamwork but also inspires them to take their first steps toward realizing their dreams and becoming tomorrow’s champions.

The “One Ball For Every Child” initiative commenced this Easter with two visits. During these visits, the first “KT21” soccer balls were distributed to the children of the “Hatzipaterio” Child Rehabilitation & Support Center (K.A.S.P.) and the young athletes of the”Amilla Peristeriou” football academy.

Commenting on the “One Ball for Every Child” initiative, Ioannis Korkos, Senior CSR & Communications Officer of Novibet, stated: “Our aim with this initiative is to instill a love for sports, physical activity, and play among children, encouraging them to engage more deeply in the sports they enjoy. Furthermore, we aim to provide them with the initial inspiration to develop their talents, much like Costas Tsimikas, ambassador of the Giant Heart program, who successfully pursued his talent and now plays for one of the top football teams in the world.”

In the coming days, the initiative will continue with further visits to soccer academies and other charitable organizations, ensuring that even more children receive their first professional soccer ball.


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