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April 2023 | The wishes of three more children from Make-A-Wish Greece were fulfilled by Novibet

Novibet’s Giant Heart social contribution program, in collaboration with the organization Make-A-Wish Greece, fulfilled the wishes of three more children in March who are fighting their own personal battles. Through this “Love Alliance,” a total of nine children’s wishes will be fulfilled, with the aim of making their greatest wish come true and instilling in each child the belief that anything can happen. The children’s wishes from Make-A-Wish Greece are an integral part of their healing journey, which is why Novibet has committed itself with a strong sense of solidarity and responsibility to help fulfil their dreams and deepest wishes.

In March, Melita, Christos, and Michalis embarked on their own wish “journey” and shared unforgettable moments accompanied by Novibet’s team and the wish fairies of Make-A-Wish Greece. These three “fighters” wished to have different life experiences.

Little Melita wanted to have a four-legged friend! On the day her wish was fulfilled, she had the chance to live a unique experience. The fairies and elves of Make-A-Wish Greece, along with representatives from Novibet, played a significant role. Melita, along with two of her friends, was guided by the fairies of Make-A-Wish Greece and Novibet representatives to a specially designed multipurpose playroom. There, they had the opportunity to enjoy themselves, and Melita received her gift – a puppy named Lucy. Her mother stated, “From that night, Melita would definitely sleep with Lucy in her arms every night… so that they draw love and strength from each other.”

For 8-year-old Christos, his wish was to become a football player! New football cleats, a football ball, and a football pitch were enough for Christos to have a unique experience. He had confided in the fairies of Make-A-Wish Greece that he dreamed of experiencing the everyday life of a football player, including warming up and training on the grass! He didn’t mind if there were people in the stands or who his teammates were. What mattered to him was feeling like a proper professional footballer. He gave his all on the pitch, tirelessly following the warm-up instructions to avoid injury. Then, he happily ran on the field accompanied by his dear friends and Novibet’s representatives, enjoying a truly unique football match. He said, “Thank you from the bottom of my heart. We came to this event with mixed feelings and left happier and stronger than ever.”

Thirteen-year-old Michalis had a once-in-a-lifetime experience fulfilled as his wish. It took place at the 116th Fighter Wing near Araxos. The “Love Alliance” team, together with the commander and pilots of the Squadron, awaited Michalis to undergo his training, which involved entering the cockpit and testing the simulator! One of the squadron’s pilots stated, “The fact that Michalis smiled widely was confirmation that we achieved our goal!”

The journey of Giant Heart started two years ago with the aim of providing substantial support to vulnerable social groups, organizations, and local communities through substantial charity work. The ambassadors of Giant Heart are the “Greek Freak” Giannis Antetokounmpo, the “Greek Scouser” Kostas Tsimikas, as well as the renowned international soccer player Arturo Vidal. Novibet, through the Giant Heart initiative, will continue implementing actions to improve the quality of daily life for fellow citizens by filling their hearts with hope and faith.

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