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June 2024 | Giant Heart by Novibet Supports Athens Happy House for the Protection of Stray Animals

Even the smallest act of love can make a big difference for our fellow citizens

Protection and care of equines in Greece is a critical yet neglected need, as these animals often face abuse and exploitation, without anyone taking sufficient measures for their welfare.

In this context, Novibet’s social initiative Giant Heart , along with the program’s Ambassador footballer Kostas Tsimikas, teamed up with Athens Happy House, founded by Nektarios Papazacharias, to create a safe and welcoming environment for stray equines.

Athens Happy House, known for its dedication to animal protection, hosted one of the actions of the #Novipet initiative, a key component of the Giant Heart program aimed at protecting and ensuring the welfare of stray animals.

Following the construction of a new paddock by Giant Heart at Athens Happy House, Novibet volunteers and Kostas Tsimikas visited the shelter to carry out small landscaping works for the space where the stray equines will use, while also offering love and care to the other animals hosted there.

This action aimed to create a safe and comfortable space for hosting stray equines and raise public awareness about their protection, promoting a culture of respect and responsibility towards them. With the support of Giant Heart, the shelter can now host three more equines in addition to the five already accommodated there.

Kostas Tsimikas, Ambassador of Giant Heart, stated: “I am very happy that through Novibet’s action for a good cause, we helped create an environment where the animals that will be hosted here can live safely and comfortably. Athens Happy House does exactly that. The love and care they show for the horses, as well as all the other animals hosted at the shelter, is immense, and that’s why I am very happy to have had the opportunity to help in my own way in creating a part of the shelter.”


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