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June 2024 | "A Ball for Every Child" at Serres and at Leros from Novibet's Giant Heart

On the occasion of World Football Day, Giant Heart and Kostas Tsimikas brought joy to the children of Serres and Leros.

Novibet and Kostas Tsimikas continue to promote the values of sports through the Giant Heart Social Contribution Program across Greece. Through the initiative “A Ball for Every Child,” Giant Heart and the program’s ambassador, Kostas Tsimikas, donate collectible, signed footballs from the international footballer’s  brand “KT21” to football academies and organizations supporting families and children throughout Greece.

On the occasion of World Football Day, Giant Heart and the popular international footballer visited Serres, where they gifted to many children their first professional football, signed autographs and photos, and generously shared smiles and life-long memories.

The ambassador of Giant Heart, who serves as a role model for young children that love football, talked to them about the values of sports, fair play, dedication, and the constant effort required to achieve even the most unattainable dreams.

In addition to the program’s visit to Serres, Giant Heart also donated balls to the football academy of A.E. Leros, inspiring the young footballers of tomorrow and fostering a love for sports in one of the most remote areas of Greece.

The presence of “One Ball for Every Child” in Serres and Leros represents the second phase of the initiative for 2024 – following Giant Heart’s previous contributions to the “Hatzipaterio” Center for Child Rehabilitation & Support and the “Amilla Peristeriou” football academy.


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