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April - June 2022 | First Supporters of ‘UniquAll’; an initiative for children within the spectrum of autism

From the very beginning, UniquAll, the sports-educational program aimed at empowering and developing children on the autism spectrum, has had GiANT Heart by its side and we are movig forward together with a common vision of a world without social inequalities.

Thus, GiANT Heart as the First Supporter of Inclusion Academies wholeheartedly shared UniqueAll’s message: “All Unique – All Equal”.

In January 2022, the points scored by the athlete in the first two games of the year were converted by Novibet, into financial aid for the autism action “UniquAll – All Unique – All Equal”.

The company offered €1,000 for every point Giannis scored in the Milwaukee Bucks’ first two games in 2022 and the amount of €66,000 raised was dedicated to the worthy cause, for  the needs of the program.
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