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"Bring Your Bro": What happened at the first 2on2 Streetball in Greece

The "Bring Your Bro" tournament powered by UPGR8 x GiANT Heart was full of unique basketball moments in the center of Athens

On July 23rd  and 24th, 2022, in the heart of summer, basketball fans attended ‘’Bring Your Bro’’, the first 2on2 Streetball tournament organised in Greece by UPGR8 and Novibet’s GiANT Heart initiative.  Happy friends from all over the country, arrived at the recently renovated GiANT Heart courts on Mileon and Alexandra Streets at Ampelokipi and … started warming up.

The atmosphere was cheerful and vibrant. Out of the 64 teams that competed in total, the top three teams of the tournament won unique prizes. Team ‘’Lavou’’ made it to the first place, and they will travel to Milwaukee in December to attend a game between the Bucks starring the GiANT Heart Novibet’s ambassador, Giannis Antetokounmpo.

During the two-day event, younger and older fans of the sport had the opportunity to play basketball, but to also participate in sports games and win memorabilia in the specially designed fan zone that was set up near the courts. More than 150 athletes competed for the top, while over 500 spectators watched the weekend’s games. The top sports journalist, Dora Panteli, coordinated the games while cheering on the players.

The highlights of Bring Your Bro included the presence of the former players of the National Basketball Team, Sophocles Schortsianitis and Dimitris Papanikolaou, as well as other athletes who honoured the event and inspired the public and the athletes.

Ilias Panou, Chief Operating Officer of UPGR8 and ispirer of the tournament said: “The dream of one, can become the reality of many, as long as it is shared.  It was time to bring streetball to Greece and the participation of the people was touching. A big ‘’thank you’’ to Novibet that embraced this idea and contributed greatly to make it happen, since day one. We hope the Bring Your Bro tournament will travel to as many neighborhoods in Greece as possible and that everyone will participate!”

Maria Kalapotharakou, Public Relations & Communications Manager of Novibet said: “For all of us at Novibet, this basketball celebration marks the next step of the very important work of GiANT Heart. We continue to support our fellow citizens, expanding the renovation of sports facilities in areas all over Greece but most importantly, focusing on bringing the neighborhood courts back to life, as this is where the pulse of youth and sports beats the loudest. During the two days of the tournament we saw a lot of joy and great enthusiasm on the faces of all participants and attendees, and this gives us even more inspiration to continue our work!”

And we are still at the beginning!
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