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Novibet joins forces with Make-A-Wish Greece and spreads smiles to children's faces!

The countdown to this year’s holidays has already begun and as every year, the coming of Christmas is connected with acts of love and caring for our fellow people. Within the broader frame of its positive social contribution actions, Novibet through “The GiANT Heart” initiative along with its ambassador Giannis Antetokounmpo standing next to us, proceed these Christmas in an Alliance of Love along with Make-A-Wish Greece, by contributing to the fulfillment of 6 wishes of children with serious illnesses.

Through the GiANT Heart initiative, Novibet aspires to improve the lives of many of our fellow people, by implementing actions of substantial social contribution. Novibet’s GiANT Heart, through supporting Make-A-Wish Greece, spreads strength and hope, by contributing to the fulfillment of wishes of children who fight their own life struggle.

This year on GiANT Heart we follow the story of little Nikolas, a child who sees his wish come true when Giannis Antetokounmpo shows up on his birthday. Their story also continues over Christmas, when Giannis makes a “surprise” and gives joy to Nikolas and his family, by visiting them during Christmas holidays. With this symbolic message, Novibet and Giannis through the GiANT Heart Alliance, jointly support the Make-A-Wish program.

As in every action organized by the GiANT Heart initiative, the audience will not be a mere spectator, as Novibet asks for everyone’s participation for this action to be successful. Through, everyone becomes part of the effort by sharing wishes that will be collected and sent to the children of Make-A-Wish Greece.

At the same time, everyone who participates in this action by sending their wish, enters a draw in order to win unique Antetokounbros gifts.

As George Athanasopoulos, Chief Executive Officer of Novibet, stated, “At Novibet, our common vision with Giannis Antetokounmpo is through The GiANT Heart initiative to offer hope, with actions that bring substantial positive social change. This year, our goal is of even greater importance , as we support Make-A-Wish Greece to help children with serious conditions in regaining their physical and emotional strength by giving them greater hope for the future. In this effort, however, we want to have with us anyone who can help, and invite them to send their own wishes of support and strength to the children supported by Make-A-Wish, through”.

At the same time, Sandra Zafeirakopoulou, General Manager of Make-A-Wish Greece, noted: “We want to thank Novibet from the bottom of our hearts for its donation and of course for grasping the essence of our work. Novibet understood it, believed in it, shared it and now wants to spread it to the world. We are deeply mooved and we firmly believe that you are not born a fairy godmother… but you can become one!”

About The Giant Heart corporate social responsibility program

The Alliance of Love of Novibet and Giannis Antetokounmpo was established in May 2021 with the aim of substantially and multi-level strengthening of vulnerable social groups,focusing on the implementation of a series of targeted actions, based on the values of social contribution, hope and offering a second chance. Since then, with GiANT Heart as a vehicle , Novibet and Giannis have provided significant support to local communities, institutions, but also in cases of emergencies. You can find more details about GiANT Heart here.


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