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Novibet and Kostas Tsimikas present the “giant” importance of social contribution!

Even the smallest act of love can make a big difference for our fellow citizens

Can a small gesture that is full of love be the beginning of a journey to greatness? The answer is a very big yes, as presented to us by Novibet and top footballer Kostas Tsimikas, through a story based on the personal course of the international Greek left-back.

In the new campaign of Novibet’s “Giant Heart” social contribution program, we look into the past of Kostas Tsimikas, starting from the peak moment of his career and reaching back to his childhood, in a small but very important gesture of love through which Kostas Tsimikas gets his first soccer ball.

Through this new campaign, the Love Alliance of Novibet and Kostas Tsimikas spreads the message of enormous positive impact that even the smallest act of love can bring for our fellow citizens. In this context, the public is encouraged to become a part of the initiatives of “Giant Heart”, by sending proposals through the website for the next social contribution action that Novibet will undertake.

Based on the public’s proposals, the Giant Heart program will continue implementing actions such as the renovation of sports facilities throughout Greece and the support of non-profit organizations with proven positive impact. At the same time, it will proceed with new social contribution initiatives in other fields of action.

On the occasion of Giant Heart’s new campaign, international soccer player Kostas Tsimikas stated: “In the Alliance of Love with Novibet, our common vision is to build a better present and future for everyone. Wanting to have everyone by our side on this journey, we want to remind our audiences that even the smallest act of love for our fellow citizens can have a very significant positive impact. For this reason, we want people to give us their own ideas for social contribution actions that will bring positive change.”

At the same time, Christoforos Bozatzidis, Chief Marketing Officer of Novibet, noted: “Through the Giant Heart program, at Novibet we aim to return value to the society in a way that takes into account the needs of local communities. Believing that in the field of social contribution, we can achieve much more if we all work together, we want the public to have an active role in how we shape our social responsibility strategy. In this context, we take an example from a personal story of our Ambassador, Κostas Tsimikas, to emphasize that every act of giving back, regardless of its size, is a big step in creating a better future for all.”



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