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The issue of stray animals remains an open problem for Greek society, while the rate of new strays in Greece is constantly increasing. In fact, according to a relevant study by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the number of stray dogs and cats in our country in 2022 reached three million animals, a number that by now is approaching four million.

Aiming to take an active stance versus this crucial issue, Novibet’s Giant Heart program which is already active in the areas of social contribution and the promotion of sports, introduces the #NoviPet initiative – a new pillar of action concerning the protection and the promotion of responsible adoption of stray animals.

As the protection and promotion of the responsible adoption of stray pets is the essence of this initiative, this action could not have started without the participation of “Save a Greek Stray”, an organization that over the last 10 years has as its mission the safeguarding of animal rights, as well as the reduction of the number of stray pets.

Save a Greek Stray rescues, sterilizes and hosts in its shelter a large number of stray dogs and cats, in need of treatment and protection from the dangers they encounter on the streets of our country.

Learn more about Save a Greek Stray and its responsible stray pet adoption program at the following links:

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