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Novibet invites us to ‘assist’ to Giannis Antetokounmpo, for a great cause

Visit, ‘assist’ to Giannis to support exceptional non-profit organisations & claim once-in-a lifetime opportunity to see a Milwaukee Bucks game live!

In view of the spirit of giving and solidarity that accompanies the holiday seasons, Novibet and the ambassador of the corporate social responsibility initiative The GiANT Heart, Giannis Antetokounmpo, set in action the new activation, initiating a new cycle of social contribution to organisations with remarkable charitable work.

The new activation consists of two pillars, each one supporting a towards a different organisation. First of all, Novibet will turn the points that Giannis will score in selected NBA games, into financial support for the Initiative for Autism "UniquAll - All Unique, All Equal", in order to address the needs of children within the spectrum of autism. Specifically, Novibet will donate €1,000 for each point that Giannis will score in the first two NBA games of 2022*!

"UniquAll - All Unique, All Equal" was recently established, following the initiative of the veteran basketball player Dimitris Papanikolaou. It is endorsed by Giannis Antetokounmpo and Nikos Galis and aims to offer physical and psychological support to the children in the spectrum of autism, as well as to help parents and teachers and raise awareness, to accomplish a wider acceptance and inclusion of these children and their families, as equal members in the community. Social inclusion is also the core mission of The GiANT Heart program, which is built around the values of hope and second chance.

Furthermore, during this holiday period Novibet and Giannis invite us all to visit website hosted an interactive digital activation, inviting the audience to participate and reach the target of €10,000 for the Voluntary Non-Profit Organisation for Special Care and Protection of Mother and Child, ' Ark of the World'. At the same time, every 'assist' to Giannis, each entry, participated in the Novibet draw, giving five lucky winners and their plus-ones the opportunity to visit Milwaukee and watch a live game of the team in March 2022.

As Vassias Berkowitz, Chief Marketing Officer at Novibet, stated: “During this holiday period, every point counts on Through this new activation, our partnership with Giannis is strengthened and enhanced, offering significant support to the work of multiple non-profit organisations. Based on the excitement of the game and Giannis’ impressive performance in the court, the new activation turns Giannis’ points into financial assistance to "UniquAll - All Unique, All Equal". However, the most significant part of this mechanism lies in the contribution offered by people’s participation. And that’ is because thanks to their support, thanks to the participation of everyone who will visit the microsite, we will be able to make a difference, raising and donating an additional amount for the Ark of the World. This holiday season, we meaningfully "assist" our society, sharing love and support in every possible way”.

*Indicative dates of matches 1/1, 8/1, 9/1, 11 / 1,14 / 1. Matches may change.

You can watch the new TV spot ‘Giant Heart’ here.

Visit the “Giant Heart” page, here.

Follow ‘GiANT Heart’ on Social Media: Instagram, Facebook.

Information on Autism Action on the page, στο email: and on Social Media: Facebook, Instagram

About The Giant Heart Community Giving Program
The Love Alliance of Novibet and Giannis Antetokounmpo was established in May 2021 with the aim of substantial and multi-level strengthening of vulnerable social groups and focusing on the implementation of a series of targeted actions, based on the values ​​of social contribution, hope and second chance. Since then, with "The GiANT Heart" vehicle, they have provided significant support to emergency needs in the midst of the health crisis, such as the reinforcement of the equipment of the Children's Oncology Unit "Marianna V. Vardinogianni - ELPIDA" and the immediate offer of temporary housing to those affected by catastrophic fires in Attica this summer.
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