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A GiANT Heart to everyone who needs us during these unprecedented times

GIANNIS & NOVIBET offer temporary accommodation to those in-need after the
catastrophic wildfires in Attica, Greece.

-Available hotel rooms for reservation
-Additional rooms
-Further extension of the already set dates
Giannis Antetokounmpo & Novibet, through The GiANT Heart initiative of social contribution, provide significant help to those who have been severly affected by the recent wildfires in Attica, Greece.
Following Giannis' request, Novibet's initiative is getting even bigger extending the period of stay & offering more hotel options. Giannis and Novibet, aiming to cover the urgent need of stay, offer:

  • 15 double rooms for 2 stays (10-12/Aug) & 25 double rooms for 4 stays (06-10/Aug) at Titania Hotel (Panepistimiou str. 52, Athens 10678)

  • 10 double rooms for 2 stays (09-11/Aug) at Electra Hotel Athens (Ermou str. 5, Athens 10563)

  • 8 double & 7 three-bed rooms for 4 stays (06-10/Aug) at Athens Marriott Hotel (Syggrou Av. 385, Athens 17564)

  • 10 double & 10 three-bed rooms for 3 stays (06-09/Aug) at President Hotel (Kifisias Av. 43, Athens, 11523)

  • 15 double & three-bed rooms for 3 stays (06-09/Aug) at Marathon Beach Resort (Poseidonos Av. 12, Nea Makri 19005)

  • 12 three-bed & four-bed rooms and bungalows for 2 stays (06-08/Aug) at Golden Coast Hotel (Marathon, 19007)

People who have been severely impacted by the wildfires and are in urgent need for housing, are kindly requested to contact the hotels as soon as possible in order to make the reservation prior to their arrival.

Titania Hotel: Spyros Arathimos, contact number: +306942222940

Electra Hotel Athens: Reception, contact number: +302103378000

Athens Marriot Hotel: Reception, contact number: +30210 9471000

President Hotel: Reception, contact number: +30210 6989000

Marathon Beach Resort: Ms. Lisa Theodosi contact number: +306936 995737

Golden Coast Hotel: Reception, contact number: +30229411 3000

Accommodation terms & conditions:

  • Eligible beneficiaries should present to the hotel an identification document (identity card, passport, or driver's license) or must have been declared as fire victims in the Civil Protection (1135), according to the latest update by the Hotels’ Chamber, and fill in a form upon arrival with their details.

  • Due to a specific number of rooms, priority policy applies.

Note: Hotels with available rooms that wish to participate in the initiative, may contact us at email:
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