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The five lucky winners that will travel to Milwaukee!

During the winter holidays, Novibet and Giannis Antetokounmpo jointly invited everyone to visit GiANT Heart, the company’s social responsibility program, and assist Giannis to score more - digital - points!
The specially designed website hosted the interactive game for the involvement of the public, so that through its own participation the goal of raising €10,000 for the financial support of the Voluntary Non-Profit Organization for Special Care and Protection of Mothers and Children, Ark of the World, could be achieved.

The 40,000 participants turned the initiative into a genuinely successful campaign with significant contributions to the ‘Ark’s’ endeavours.

Last but not least, five participants were the lucky winners of the activation and are given the opportunity to travel with their plus-ones to Milwaukee and watch a Bucks' game live in March 2022!

The five lucky winners of the draw, who have already been notified of their gift, are the following:

• Mpitsikas Giorgos
• Kimionis Giorgos
• Pavlopoulos Nikolaos
• Pappas Evaggelos
• Ampartsoumian Nikolaos

Their reserves:

• Mparalli Voula
• Lymperidis Vasilios
• Lanaras Nektarios
• Kontorinis Michalis
• Kostopoulou Flora

*The trip will be in spring and GiANT Heart initiative will cover the following costs: tickets for the Bucks’ game, accommodation & transportation.
**Travel dates might change, based on availability.
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GiANT Heart

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