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Heartfelt congratulations and a GiANT Heart

from Novibet to our beloved MVP, Giannis Antetokounmpo

An initiative of great social impact

Everything started 8 years ago when an 18 y.o boy from Sepolia, a small neighborhood in Athens, joined the Milwaukee Bucks and introduced himself to the magical world of NBA. The journey to greatness had just begun! Since then, we have been uniquely privileged to witness the progress of one of the greatest players, with the most remarkable highlight the inconceivable victory at the 2021 NBA Finals. Above all, what led him to the top of the mountain was inarguably his irreversible ethos, his strong will to succeed, his persistence towards greatness, and of course his one-of-a-kind mental capacity.

Considering the value of Giannis’ personality and his tremendous social impact, Novibet could not feel more proud of having him onboard within the framework of the GiANT Heart, the company’s new CSR activity. Giannis and Novibet are working closely towards a common goal: building up a community that fosters equal opportunities and provides significant help to the most vulnerable ones.

The entire Novibet team wholeheartedly send their warmest congratulations to Giannis Antetokounmpo for the greatest accomplishment of his career so far, the ring of the NBA Championship, through the company’s Chief Marketing Officer, Vassias Berkowitz, statement: ”If only I could share with Giannis each and every wish from our team for all of his exceptional achievements. His ultimate values of humility combined with hard work are highly reflected in our everyday life here at Novibet, while his infinite drive for excellence works as the cornerstone of our culture. We can’t wait to welcome Giannis back to his homeland and bring into life our shared vision which is summarized in the actions of the “GiANT Heart” initiative: plant the seeds of hope & second chance”.

The “GiANT Heart” initiative kicked off in May 2021 and since then Novibet and Giannis Antetokounmpo go hand-in-hand embracing the values of social caring & responsibility. Novibet and Giannis jointly aim to impact the greek community purposefully through a series of well-targeted activities that provide meaningful & multi-level support to the underprivileged communities. Giannis, as the ambassador of Novibet’s CSR initiative, quoted: "One of my biggest dreams is the name Antetokounmpo to be remembered not for my basketball achievements, but for my family’s social contribution to those in need. There’s nothing greater than this! Together with Novibet we are highly committed to building a community for the younger ones, where equal opportunities are being greatly fostered”. ..

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