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A review of the meaningful & immediate support by the GiANT Heart, in the aftermath of the catastrofic wildfires

Giannis Antetokounmpo & Novibet

- In total, 150 hotel rooms across Attica & Evia regions were offered to those in need, from 2 to 4 nights.
- 200+ people severely affected by the unprecedented natural disaster were accomodated at the provided hotel rooms
Novibet & Giannis Antetokounmpo offered their unconditional support while the vast wildfires that occured during the first two weeks of August.

Following Giannis' timely request, Novibet leveraged the purposeful partnership with the ultimate athlete, took immediate actions, and proved once again that fast reflexes turn out to be crucial in such turbulent times. Giannis Antetokounmpo & Novibet jointly offered temporary housing to families affected by the devastating wildfires partnering with hotels across Attica and Evia.

Within the framework of the GiANT Heart initiative, more than 200 severely affected people were hosted at the 150+ rooms provided by 10 hotels across the Attica & Evia region (Titania Hotel Athens, President Hotel Athens, Athens Marriott Hotel, Marathon Beach Resort, Golden Coast, Electra Hotel Athens, Brown Hotels).

The official announcement was initially posted on the 6th of August and was widely communicated by Giannis Antetokounmpo himself, Novibet, and the hotels. All the sides involved took immediate action having in mind that more and more people are getting in serious need of temporary housing. Following Giannis' request for further extension of the initiative, Novibet responded promptly by extending the dates of stay and providing more hotel options across Attica & Evia.

Giannis Antetokounmpo, deeply saddened by the devastating conflagration, wanted to share his thoughts with the residents of the impacted regions. As he quoted: "For me, what matters most in situations like this, is acting as a one and being eager to provide any help needed. "For me what counts the most is that all of us stay focused on helping our fellow human beings, every day of our lives, and especially during rough times like the ones we went through this past month due to the wildfires. This is the philosophy and main purpose behind my alliance with Novibet. Only with this attitude towards life will we and above all our children live in a better world and the pain of those who suffer will...hopefully be shared and become at least a little more manageable".

Rodolfo Ontoni, quoted on behalf of Novibet : "What has happened the previous weeks in Attica and the wider region has left us completely overwhelmed. The value of alliances like ours with Giannis would be meaningless if they were not able to provide support in such critical situations. Giannis Antetonounmpo and Novibet, through the GiANT Heart initiative, will continue to stand by the side of communities' needs trying to alleviate serious social issues and provide support to the most vulnerable ones".
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