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Cookies Policy

Cookies are small files which are sent and stored on the local browser you use to surf the web. Each page uses usually one or more cookies in order to save temporarily information it deems necessary in order to function properly.

This information falls into 4 basic categories:

Without these cookies the basic functionality of the site would be hindered to a large degree. Functions as member log-in, e-commerce checkouts or online payments would not be possible without these.

Performance cookies are used to gather anonymous statics and to save information regarding site performance and usage.
This information is used in order to optimize the performance of the site.

Usage cookies store information in order to provide a better experience when the user revisits the site. The information can be anonymous and is not available to other sites.

Used in order to choose and deliver user interest specific advertisement.

At GiANT Heart cookies are used in order to provide the best possible service to our users.

For this reason we feel obliged to explain exactly what and how cookies are used throughout the site. Information stored in these cookies is only for purposes of the main site GiANT Heart.

GiANT Heart cookies fall under the categories of necessary, performance and usability.
The information stored relates to GiANT Heart services and is used exclusively for them.

At GiANT Heart we use Google Analytics which do create their responsive cookies.
These cookies are governed by Google's privacy policy (

Yes. At GiANT Heart we take extra care with the personal data of our users and we never share them with other companies or individuals.

Most web browsers by default accept most cookies automatically. If you want to change that you can find the respective settings in the preferences of your browser of choice.

Please keep in mind that without the use of cookies most functions on the site will not work properly, like the signup or log-in functionality.

In general, any user can at any time delete all cookies used by his browser. All major browser vendors support this via their preferences or settings screens.

This website uses cookies to improve your web experience.

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